Coronavirus Update!

Hello Everybody!

First and foremost, we want you to know that the health and well being of our Sunshine Music Together community remains our greatest priority. We realize the fear and disruption this is causing in our community. It is our sincere hope that we can weather this storm together with calm, kindness, support and patience.

What has happened in Seattle and the state of Washington?

Governor Inslee just mandated that all K-12 Schools close beginning March 17th through April 24th.

What is Sunshine Music Together going to do?

We will be delaying our spring semester start to May 3rd to give families the time needed to stay safe and ensure they do not spread this virus to their elder loved ones or immune-compromised contacts. We feel this is the responsible thing to do for the health and safety of our families, caregivers and teachers, who are our utmost priority. 

What are the dates for spring semester now?

Spring semester will now run from May 3rd - July 11th (July 18th for Saturday classes as the 4th of July make up). Remember, you can schedule make ups before you miss them if you know you will be traveling.  We feel this new start date will give well needed breathing space to all as we navigate this new Coronavirus territory.  We are very hopeful that delaying the start will give families the peace of mind to begin a fresh fear-free session this May. Many of our classes are already full! We are beyond excited to reconvene this spring for the new Maracas collection - one of our favorites! 

What about sampling a demo class before the start of the spring semester?

We have pushed all of our free demonstration classes to the week of April 26th.  You can sign up on line by clicking on this link; Try a Free Class

When classes resume how will you ensure our safety?

We fully intend to re-open the week of April 26th. We want you to know that we understand your concerns and want to assure you we will not only be following the recommendations of CDC and WHO, but will also be closely monitoring recommendations from the King County Health Department.  We will ensure a safe social distance in all of our classes and reduce class sizes as needed.

We can assure you that our protocol for instrument and classroom disinfection has gone way above and beyond our previously stringent measures given the Coronavirus outbreak. In addition to individually spraying each and every instrument, between each and every class, we are removing the majority of smaller instruments that can be mouthed, informing parents to pay close attention to what instruments left may be mouthed so as not to allow them to be shared during instrument play, we pass out hand sanitizer before class begins, wipes during class (so parents can also wipe down their child's instrument for peace of mind on top of the individual spraying of them), and hand sanitizer after class.  We will also be spraying down carpets, door knobs, pulls, light switches and any other surface that children or adults may touch in between each and every class.  We take this very seriously.  

We want to thank you for your overwhelming support, patience and understanding during this uncertain time. We know how hard this has been on you. We can't express enough how much your support has meant to us here at Sunshine Music Together. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and appreciate you more than words can say.

We wish you good health, happiness and love.  

-Sunshine Music Together