Rhythm Kids (5-8y)

Davis Haines
ZOOM with Davis Haines (location info)
Thursday, 3:45 PM
04/08/21 - 06/10/21 (10 weeks)


NEW Rhythm Kids by Music Together® (5-8y):

We drum & dance. We stomp & sing. We conduct & compose. 
We play games & make music the Big Kid way!

In Rhythm Kids classes, we drum, sing, and move to rhythms and music from around the world. The Rhythm Kids curriculum is an international, research-based music immersion program developed specifically for families with preschoolers and early elementary students aged 5 to 8-years old. 

5 to 8 years - After-school for elementary age children

Rhythm Kids students learn to compose, choreograph, and conduct as they play—and play with!—djembes, other percussion instruments, and their first instruments (their voices and bodies). When parents and caregivers choose to attend class (not required), too, they not only amplify their children’s learning but also have a great time singing, moving, and drumming themselves. 

Honoring both cultural traditions from around the world and all children’s birthright to develop Basic Music Competence, Rhythm Kids classes include:

  • Immersion in the rhythmic “language” of cultures from six continents (sorry, Antarctica!);
  • Playful, developmentally-appropriate music games;
  • Opportunities to lead, balanced with opportunities to collaborate;
  • Rich, creative experimentation and expression, improvisation and innovation;
  • Deep exposure to music that is both complex and fun;
  • A carefully-constructed three-year Animal Song Curriculum (from Alligators and Tree Frogs to Elephants and Kangaroos); 
  • Expert teachers, award-winning materials, and a worldwide Rhythm Kids community.

Whether as a stand-alone music class or as a companion to formal instruction, Rhythm Kids helps children develop the facility, repertoire, and creativity that will allow them to unleash their own music-making potential. 

The Rhythm Kids curriculum is co-authored by the developers of Music Together® and early childhood percussion expert Tom Foote.

Just for 5 to 8-year-olds, Rhythm Kids classes support the next level of music learning by capitalizing on how older children are wired to learn. Through unique music games, drumming patterns, and music from around the world, the big kids in this class collaborate, compose, choreograph, and conduct.

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